California Lease Agreement Templates (6)

A California lease agreement is

Last updated April 21st, 2024

A California lease agreement is

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Standard Lease Agreement – 
Commercial Lease Agreement
Month-to-Month Lease Agreement
Rent-to-Own Agreement
Roommate Agreement
Sublease Agreement

Disclosures (14)

Asbestos Notification – In properties built before 1979, landlords must inform tenants of any known asbestos-containing construction materials, specific locations of the hazardous material, procedures for preventing or minimizing exposure, health risks associated with exposure, and where to find detailed safety instructions. (§ 25915)

Bed Bug Addendum – Before renting out a unit, a landlord must give prospective tenants written notice about bed bugs, including their appearance, behavior, biology, and details about bed bug bites. The notice must also explain the importance of cooperation in preventing and treating infestations and the need for proper reporting. It must be in at least 10-point font. (§ 1954.603)

Death – A landlord must disclose if a death has occurred in the rental premises within the last 3 years unless the person has died from AIDS-related complications. (§ 1710.2)

Demolition – If the owner or their agent applies for a permit to demolish the residential building, they must give a prospective tenant written notice before entering into a lease agreement, requiring or accepting any payments, including application screening fees. (§ 940.6(a1))

Flood Hazard –

Landlord’s Contact Details

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

Morgan’s Law –

Methamphetamine Contamination –

Mold –

Pest Control –

Proximity to a Military Base –

Smoking Policy –

Utilities –

Security Deposit

Maximum Amount

Returning to Tenant –

Landlord Access

General Access

Emergency Access

Paying Rent

Grace Period

Maximum Late Fee

Returned Checks (NSF)

Reasons for Eviction (3)

Non-Payment of Rent


Illegal Activity